Wednesday, February 20, 2013

20,000 Visitors!

Holy crap, guys!  This blog is not even a year old and already it's been viewed over 20,000 times.  I'm truly humbled.  In such a short amount of time I've been invited to speak to LGBTQ and secular organizations and conventions close to a dozen times.  I've been able to lessen ignorance, reach out to others who have struggled with their identities, and hopefully make the world safer for others in my own small way.  And all because
I.  Refused.  To.  Be.  Silent.

So few of us fall into the mold of the Social Norm.  There are only so many white, Christian, conservative, misogynist, upper class, abled, thin, young, masculine, cisgender, heterosexual, monogamous, fertile, men in the world.  And you know what their greatest fear is?  That we actually realize how vastly we outnumber them.  That we may actually challenge the system that places them at the top.  That we might start to question that maybe the "way things are" is not the way they must be.  That we might find our voices and start to speak up!  Because as soon as that happens, as soon as we all get together to work for equality, the privilege they currently enjoy will come crashing down.  If we fight for equality, that mean they will need to give up un-earned power.  They might actually need to acknowledge that others experience life differently.  They might have to think!

And we can't have that, now can we?

So in thanks for all the amazing support I've received, I encourage everyone to go out there and make yourselves heard.  If you like writing, than write a blog or book.  If you're musically talented, than start sharing your songs.  If you can move a paintbrush, than share your vision.  Whatever way you have of expressing yourself, make time for it.  I've got a full-time course load, a demanding job at a non-profit, a family to love and a home to take care of.  And still, with what little free time I have, I make time to write this blog because it connects me to the world.  It allows me to acknowledge and think about how my personal experience translates to the political world at large.  It lets me recharge and keep up the fighting spirit that makes me want to go out and kick some ass.  That's worth a little selfishness a couple times a week.  Make the same commitment for yourself and start changing the world.

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